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The Sales-Machine: How to increase turnover in the future!

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Andreas Buhr works as a speaker, trainer und author. His approach is charachterized by an important relation to practical work experience, convincing methods and commitment. As an enthralling pragmatist he integrates his sales experiences directly into his academy work. He is an entrepreneur who approaches and implements his business with the "10 Commandments of ©lean leadership".

Typical for him is his innovation spirit which he showed by initiating the 24-hour-webinar "Wir sind Umsatz" (We are Turnover), a charity project with themes of well known specialised speakers regarding the topics leadership and sales.

Keynote speaker
Andreas is one of the most well-known speakers in Germany in the field of sales leadership, active on television and radio as well was providing though leadership in a range of published interviews. Over the last thirty years, an estimated audience of around 500.000 has attended his presentations at events and conferences.

Innovative publications and publishing
As an author, he has published numerous best-selling titles including The Turnover Machine (Die Umsatz-Maschine) and his most recent Sales is different today (Vertrieb geht heute anders). He is also Chief Editor of Magazin für Business und Bildung, a popular German business magazine, and editor of  the blog on Sales Leadership and Innovation for the Challenges of Market 3.0. Since 2005 Andreas has published the COACHCAST® podcast series. He also publishes specialised business books as Managing Director of go! Live-Verlag.

Andreas Buhr stands for future-oriented sales leadership.

Sales 3.0 is his most recent passion
Andreas Buhrs newest focus for seminars and publication is what he terms Client 3.0, the next generation of customers. His belief is that sales experts must learn afresh how to engage this new client type. Under the motto and title of his latest best seller Sales is different today (Vertrieb geht heute anders),  Andreas argues that client orientation and sales has to be reinvented. New strategies must be developed to meet the demand of the new Social Media economy, a new SalesIntelligence® built on core values of reliability, quality and honesty.

"The quality of my thoughts, my questions determinates my life quality."
TopicsThe Sales-Machine – How to increase the turnover with sales intelligence:
- Positioning and strategy
- Sales increase
- Recruiting and incorporation of employees
- Leadership, motivation and management

Go! The art of Motivation- To recognize habits and take decisions
- learn to change or leave
- to know the profile of motivation and use it
- concentration and consistency

Excellence in Leadership- Selfmanagement
- Management with words
- Team leading and team processes
- Business management

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