Axel Liebetrau

Thought Leader for Innovation, Corporate Foresight & Future Banking

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Axel Liebetrau is an international expert for innovation and corporate foresight. He also is a Thought Leader in demand for customer- and trend based innovations. He is a passionated speaker, consultant and entrepreneur with 24 years of professional experience.

Axel Liebetrau has a German degree in Banking and Finance and UK Master of Business Administration of International Management Consulting. As a scientist and assistant lecturer for innovation management, he connects theory and praxis in an inimitable way. He is a columnist and member in various Think Tanks.

Fresh ideas for your business - new chances by lateral thinking

- What and how can I learn from other branches and countries?
- Which ideas can deliver new markets/ customers for me?
- How can I use trends expediently?

Lifestyle 2020 - tomorrow´s customer

- Which are the most important lifestyles of my tomorrow´s customers?
- Which values and consumer wishes will my customer have tomorrow?
- Which concrete rules and tips are there for the new marketing?

Megatrends and their effects on your branch/business model

- Which trends are relevant for my branch/business/business model?
- How may I use trends in an expedient way?
- What kind of tips does a foresight expert have for my branch/business/business model?

A change of perspective - knowledge for your tomorrow´s business

- What are an innovation expert´s thoughts about my business?
- Which are the business models, markets, products, services and customers of tomorrow?

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  • Axel Liebetrau - Die neuen Spielregeln des Business
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