Bernhard Bauhofer

Management Consultant, Author, Speaker
Reputation Management

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Since the turn of the millennium, Bernhard Bauhofer has been pioneering the Reputation Management discipline in Switzerland and Europe. Within the Reputation Management Business Model all relevant factors such as Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance und CEO are concertedly deployed. As founder and partner of the consulting firm Sparring Partners he advises companies around the globe.

Developing the holistic and proprietary Reputation Management Approach follows his vision to overcome the limitations of the traditional Marketing instruments which he learned to manage during the decade of his international Marketing and Advertising Career in Europe, Latin America and USA. For one he supported the integration of all marketing and communication activities throughout all Lines of Businesses as Head of regional Business Development and Senior Vice President of Young & Rubicam Inc. Latin America.

Bernhard Bauhofer graduated from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich with a Diploma in Sociology and is author of 3 books on Corporate Reputation, Respect and Personal Reputation. He has lectured at numerous universities such as HSG St. Gallen, GISMA Hannover, Klagenfurt, Vaduz and PHW Bern.

Managing expectation.
The Art of Reputation Management

Predictability as „conditio sine qua non“ for a sustainable performance. Focused on hard facts such as share price and sales reputed world class enterprises stumble upon the underestimated soft factors. A single misstep can destroy the reputation of a leader in Business, Politics, Sports or Show Business. Bernhard Bauhofer shows how one can develop and protect his or her reputation within the globally connected world in order to achieve decisive advantage over the competition.

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