Cla Mosca

Snowboard World Champion, Flowmanager & Peak Performance Expert

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As a snowboard world champion in 1993, Cla Mosca experienced himself how it is, to be at the top and what is needed to get there. However he also knows how it feels when the pressure becomes too big. In a comprehensible and tangible way he understands to build a bridge between professional(high performance) sports and professional life.

After his snowboard career Cla Mosca started studying medicine. Two years later he successfully abandoned university. As of then, he chose his further education according to the principle: "What goes well with me and my strengths". At first intensively on the physical level, nowadays more on the psychosocial level. His two main findings are the following: "In the essence things are simple.“

„People give rise to something when they act."

The result of his education and experiences is the ClaMosca Flow Management methodology with it’s aim to bring people and businesses back to the flow and/or to show them how they can reach it on their own . Cla Mosca is an expert when it comes to achieve and retrieve the personal best and to develop businesses. On the other hand he has the know-how and capability to remove blockades in times of crises.

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