Daniel Tschudy

Cross Culture Management; particularly between East & West

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Intercultural behaviours and global communication become increasingly complex topics in order to manage international business smoothly and successfully. Cross culture is not only about language, race and religion, but more so about emotions, self-awareness, values and the completely different understandings of life, time, and space. Much of it is based on cultural backgrounds of hundreds of generations; split up across two hundred nations and even more regional cultural groups. Values and believes which cannot be ignored and which therefore are not easy to overcome. The challenge is to endorse these cultural differences and make them blend into successful global enterprises. How do people meet? How do they speak at each other? How do they negotiate, plan and operate? What is the value of written contracts compared with verbal agreements? What is important to another culture - and what is not? Which are the key differences between, for example, the five BRICS-states? Or, what are the cultural differences between any two nations, for example between Switzerland and China or between Germany and Indonesia?

Daniel Tschudy has been involved in the global meetings- & tourism-industries for four decades. Originally from Switzerland, he worked 14 years in England, Canada, Germany, France, Japan (6 years), and recently Shanghai, China. Tschudy speaks about the importance and complexity of cross culture management and how such knowledge can lead to successful international business proceedings. He often features the Far East; with particular attention to China and Japan.

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