Heinz Kaegi

Leadership-Expert, Management-Mentor, Bestseller-Author

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Heinz´s core competence is systemic emPowerment for leaders and their management teams. As a former member of the Executive Management Board of a Swiss Trade Group, he disposes of advanced trainings, studies and certifications in sales, management and psychology. He is the founder of the emPowerment Group.

His reputation as a leadership expert is based on decades of experience and realizing of over 1´000 emPowerment processes, seminars and lectures in Europe, Asia and the USA. He developed his unique methods and models through practical living cases with his international clients.

Heinz is described as an authentic and contagious corporate coach and mentor, who imparts his knowledge with great personal passion. Customers praise: his capability and talent to empower leaders and management teams is outstanding.

In 2007 he published his first book "Gesucht: Leader - the seven laws of leadership" which became a bestseller of the Swiss Business Magazine BILANZ.

Heinz´s core cause is to moving leaders from hard work to heart work!
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