Monika Matschnig

Expert for Body language, Impact & Performance

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Monika Matschnig lives according to what she teaches.

Her strengths: every presentation conveys to the participants in an entertaining and effective way how to perform more convincingly and how to operate more successfully. She wins over through lively presentations, practical descriptions and she includes everyone in it. The audience is experiencing a lot of light-bulb moments and is astonished by the valuable stimuli which motivates them to question their own behaviour and optimise it.

Monika Matschnig used to be a professional athlete, she has a degree in psychology, and is an internationally renowned keynote speaker and has been working as a freelance coach for more than ten years. Her extensive knowledge and her passion for body language, impression and performance are what makes up the number one expert on body language (according to Focus, Pro7, AWD, JBK, WKO) in her presentations, seminars and coaching sessions. Her analyses on TV and her pointed interviews in talk shows, her evaluation of celebrities, politicians and decision-makers are well-known. She writes technical papers and she is constantly quoted.

Monika Matschnig is a successful author: her best volumes have been sold more than 300.000 times.

The news magazine “Focus” considers her to be one of the makers of success and she is one of the “professional” speakers according to the German Speakers Association e. V.. She has been awarded the sought after Conga Award in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 and she is bearer of the seals of quality for “Keynote Speaker TOP-100 of Perfect Speaker.eu” and „QualitätsExperte Erfolgsgemeinschaft.com“ .

„She is a dynamic, inspiring and humorous speaker.“ is what her customers have to say about her.

A captivating manner, positive charisma and flexibility when dealing with different kinds of personality are the key to professional success. Posture, gestures, facial expressions account for more than 90% of the impact we have on other people. Do you want to make a better overall impression? This presentation will show you how.

And remember: we always make an impression – it’s just a matter of what kind!

Possible focal points:
• Body language, effect and performance
• Telltale gestures: what your dialogue partner is saying when he’s saying nothing
• How to read body language: Secrets and lying
• Body & soul: the inseparable unit
• React flexibly and convincingly to different people and situations
• Effect. Always. Everywhere. Show off your achievements!
• Personal effect and body language. Captivate people with your charm and charisma.
• Making a Great First Impression
• Intercultural differences: Body language awareness in a cross-cultural world

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