Nils Hafner

International Expert for Customer Relationship Management - CRM

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Prof. Dr rer.pol. Nils Hafner is an international expert in building consistently profitable customer relations. He is professor for customer relationship management at the Lucerne university of applied sciences and arts and heads a programme for customer relations management of financial service providers.

Prof. Dr. Hafner studied economics, psychology, philosophy and modern history in Kiel and Rostock (Germany). He earned his PHD in innovation management/marketing with a dissertation on call center services. After his engagement as a practice leader CRM in one of the largest business consulting firms he established from 2002 to 2006 the first CRM Master programme in the German speaking countries.

At present he advises the management of medium-sized and major enterprises in Germany, Switzerland and Europe in matters of CRM. He is working with Insurance companies, banks, telcos and industrial enterprises. In addition he is getting involved in the inter-trade organisation of the call center services of Switzerland „Callnet.ch“. In his blog „Hafner on CRM“ he is trying to emphasize the informative, delightful, awkward, tragic and funny aspects of the subject.
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