Sabine Hübner

Service makes the Difference!

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Sabine Hübner, Keynote Speakerin for congresses, seminars, events, kick-offs

When the keywords "service culture" and "service improvement" are bandied about on the management floors of major concerns and medium-sized companies, her name is right at the top of every list of specialists.

As a keynote speaker, she inspires audiences of all sizes. She is frequently invited to instil her passion for service into her listeners. Her presentations are a skilful mixture of impressive examples, outstanding expertise and a keen instinct for what is entertaining. They set the stage for consistent customer orientation and a new, unusual service culture. Sabine Hübner has received the Conga Award on several occasions and in 2012 was named "TOP Speaker of the Year". She is "Service Expert no. 1" (Pro 7).

INTERACTIVE PRESENTATIONS - Small-scale presentations to exclusive groups

Some service topics are best kept to small, exclusive groups. Sabine Hübner doesn’t mind getting up close and personal with her guests. These are authentic situations characterised by expertise and passion. If you are interested, just ask! Tell her what’s on your mind! Sabine Hübner will pick up on your thoughts and initiate a results-oriented, interactive process with you.


Are you planning an event focusing on corporate culture or corporate values? Sabine Hübner will lead your event with great skill, fast thinking and charm. Support and facilitation by Pro 7’s Service Expert no. 1 will bring your event together. Sabine Hübner guarantees that you will reach your goal: inspiration and enthusiasm during the event and significantly more motivation and initiative afterwards.

BOOK AUTHOR & COLLEGE LECTURER - Substance for service innovation and service management

Service and communication are close to Sabine Hübner’s heart. This is what she researches, talks about and writes about. She is a college lecturer in service management and has written several books. Her business bestsellers and numerous expert publications have been published by renowned companies, as have her contributions to successful management books. Her books have brought about lasting changes in many people’s understanding of service. They provide valuable ideas and innovative examples which smooth the way to a vital service culture.

MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT - For service culture

Sabine Hübner is a successful entrepreneur and a practical person through and through. For 15 years, she has been successfully combining her management consulting expertise with the wealth of experience she has acquired as an entrepreneur in a highly technical branch of the B2B industry. With her customers, she turns a project into an attitude.  Renowned national and international companies put their trust in her solution strategies - because she knows what she’s talking about. She combines clarity with Austrian charm, professionalism with empathy and creativity with expertise. The variety of B2B and B2C sectors she represents is unique.


01 Service makes the difference
How customers are made happy and companies successful.

•    Satisfaction is not enough. Outstanding service as a key to market leadership.
•    Service according to plan and not on a whim. What makes service excellent.
•    Innovative service ideas and examples of successes which whet your appetite for service.

02 Service culture in the digital age
Digital or personal? Why OR?!

•    Mobile and stationary services – a perfect match.
•    Service innovations. How services enhance product value.
•    Faster than the customer. Always one step ahead of the customer.

03 Vital service culture
Service culture means progress. Because an attitude cannot be copied.

•    Service creates value. For customers, colleagues and companies.
•    Service is an attitude. How to create service DNA and bring guiding principles to life.
•    The key role of management personnel and how to anchor service thinking in the long term.

04 Unusually different. Surprisingly better.
Inspire customer enthusiasm with intelligent service concepts.

•    The secret seducer – the psychology of buying decisions and what people love.
•    How you can deliberately orchestrate customer contact points and make your quality tangible.
•    Service made for me. Address customers individually with targeted one-to-one services and establish yourself firmly in the customer’s mind.

05 Do your customers good and talk about it
More success with the right service communication

•    Just being good is not enough: orchestrating authentic communication.
•    Lights down, spot on! Fighting for attention.
•    Disappointed love is particularly painful: service communication in difficult situations.

06 Service beats pricing
Quality as a decisive competitive factor

•    Customers only want "cheap" products – and other misconceptions. What customers will happily pay more for.
•    Service costs money. Service between cost and quality and why service still pays off.
•    Create added value. When good service is worth more to the customer.

07 Sustainable corporate culture
How living and demonstrating values promotes business success.

•    From management method to attitude. Navigate safely through uncertain times with goals, values and culture.
•    Responsibility and esteem – the driving forces behind increased motivation and work productivity.
•    Growth and success potential for a sustainable corporate culture.

08 Emotions win. Always?

Relationships make the difference.

•    The decision structures that move us and the emotions which "control" us.
•    How to focus on what is important and make good decisions.
•    How to identify energy vampires and set the right priorities.

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