Michael Altenhofer

Entrepreneur, Motivator & Author
Michael Altenhofer: Dreaming-yes. Sleeping-no.

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Michael Altenhofer is an Austrian entrepreneur and a well-known columnist giving impulses for a courageous life. Within his motivational presentations and workshops he explains the methods of mental strength in a very simple, playful, humorous and effective way. He provides easy convertible tools to his audience to tackle psychological blockages and issues which directly affect one‘s quality of life and motivation. His customers are small- and medium-sized companies, international enterprises as well as convention initiators and representatives of small-scale entrepreneurs.

Lean back, do nothing and let the words just wash over you – that is absolutely impossible during this presentation! Extraordinary exercises will make your mental strenght tangible and show you how fast you can activate yourself to consequent actions. You will get to know certain mechanisms inside your head that block yourself within your actions and will learn how to handle them prospectively.

• The pragmatical magic formula to  actions: Good enough instead of perfect
• Dreaming-yes. Sleeping-no.
• The "stonemason philosophy" for tenacity
• Maximazing courage instead of minimazing risk
• The mountain-metaphor for problem solving: When do you recognize market paths?
• The power of words and pictures in your head.
• Upgrade performance and quality of life

Michael Altenhofer talks about the taste of success in sports, but also about setbacks in business life, and explains why action still is the best strategy. The audience will learn certain mental techniques to be well-prepared for future challenges and to be able to conquer them. The outcome of this presentation is always the same: people just do it.

Michael Altenhofer‘s extraordinary performances make him a distinctive speaker. His weekly column in "Krone bunt" reaches millions of readers every Sunday. Nationally, he is known as an expert for mental strength. His performances represent a combination of motivational readings and incentive speaches – one-of-a-kind conception!

Michael Altenhofer demonstrates his mental strength in various ways, such as in sports of endurance. In June 2012 he run a long-range triathlon (IRONMAN) in approximately 14 hours after only 3 months of preparation. Amongst other physical activities, he climbed the highest mountain in South America – the Aconcagua.
User friendly on a daily basis, humour and authenticity are the terms that best reflect Michael Altenhofer’s method!

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