Petra Beck

Economist & Author
Beyond Globalization

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Dr. Petra Beck is an internationally acclaimed economist, author and authority on the subject of globalization.

Petra started her professional career at the German Central Bank. For two years she helped implement monetary and statistical reforms during the reunification of East and West Germany. This experience provided her with the insight of how stimulus plans are implemented, what their limitations are and what kind of fiscal and economic consequences they imply.

The unification of Eastern and Western Germany also showed her how disruptive change can be addressed. Looking back, she learned what mistakes were done and should be avoided.

In the early 1990s, Beck worked as a political and financial analyst, creating statistics and forecasts, writing newsletters with investment advice to Bond and Money Market investors. Later she provided consulting services to institutional clients and their portfolio management. Those clients were mainly central banks, industry leaders and big insurers in German, English and French speaking countries around the world. During this time she was responsible for developing business strategies, analyzing economic data and expanding product ranges.

After receiving her master’s degree in economics, Petra was awarded with a post-graduate research grant for advanced studies at The Universitaet des Saarlandes in Saarbruecken through Prof. Richter’s Institute for New Institutional Economics. Since interdisciplinary research was required she completed her doctorate in Kassel Germany at the Gesamthochschule in Kassel at Prof. Toepfer’s Institute for Marketing and Management. During her time in Saarbruecken she met international scholars and Nobel Prize Winners such as Coase, Williamson and North.

Her doctoral dissertation was dedicated to broaden research and disseminate information about new economic theories, namely New Institutional Economics. Studies with a leading German Institute of Marketing & Management supported her views for the need of a new interdisciplinary economic theory that can properly address the failures of the past.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Beck is developing a new Economic Paradigm with the application of rights instead of costs only to provide a sustainable future for our planet.

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