Felix Brill

Entrepreneur, Economist, Financial markets expert

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Dr. Felix Brill - Entrepreneur, Economist, Financial markets expert

Felix Brill is a partner at Wellershoff & Partners. As chief economist he is responsible for global macroeconomic analysis and for economic early warning systems that target the identification of sector-specific trends and risk scenarios as early as possible.

Felix Brill studied economics in St. Gallen and Stockholm and received his PhD from the University of Bern. Before joining Wellershoff & Partners, he worked at UBS in New York and Zurich and served as the lead economist for the Swiss economy at UBS Wealth Management Research, where he was responsible for business cycle analysis and macroeconomic forecasting.

At Wellershoff & Partners, Felix Brill regularly speaks to groups of business leaders and the local and international press. For instance, he was quoted on the front page of the «Financial Times» and the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» and was interviewed by «Bloomberg TV» and Swiss TV. He is a guest lecturer at Swiss Finance Institute.


- Economy and financial markets  (Global economic perspectives, Outlook for the Swiss economy, Financial markets perspectives, Monetary policy)

- Globalization (What do we know about trend growth, Emerging markets outlook, China and the World economy)

- Sector-specific trends (Sector-specific economic outlook, new technologies and their economic impact, i.e. "Beyond the shale-gas boom")

- FX markets (Dealing with currency risks, Euro crisis, Quo Vadis US dollar)

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