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2017 will be the year of DJ BoBo: 25. Stage-Anniversary, celebrating with a fantastic MYSTORIAL Show. This worldtour will be visiting several countrys in North- and East Europe, South America, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The tour has started in January 2017 with 24 concerts in Germany alone.

DJ BoBo is looking forward to his very special jubilee-tour: "Who would have ever thought, that people are being loyal to me and my music for so many years. For this celebration-tour we have a lot of Specials to present. With MYSTORIAL, the visitors will be part of a fascinating and exciting journey in time, which will stay in our memories forever."

DJ BoBo as a Speaker:
DJ BoBo has joined Premium Speakers in May 2017. He will talk about his career, how to survive in all these years in this music business and becoming a World Star. Even as a global Popstar, DJ BoBo i.e. René Baumann belongs to the very few persons you can talk to and is with his fans and people. Being "Mensch".

And who saw DJ BoBo live before, knows how magnificent and amusing his shows are, filled with lot’s of surprises, a spectacle for everybody as well as the whole family. Next to his new songs, of course he will be playing all of his hits… we all know them, and they are still as exciting and sparkling as ever.

The BILD-newspaper wrote about his last tour: "DJ BoBo is reinventing himself everytime from scratch. DJ BoBo is a phenomenon!" And it will be exactly like this again! In 25 years, DJ BoBo developed not only to one of the most well-known swiss person, but to one of the most international successful musicians of the last decades. More than 15 million sold sound carriers, more then 250 Gold- and Platinum-awards, uncountable prizes and more than 5 million visitors at his live-concerts – the friendly and likeable star is looking back to a realimpressing career and he is looking for more to come.

After 14 years of success finally it was time for the first official "Greatest Hits" Album. A wonderful evidence of the continuous music development of DJ BoBo, speaking from "Eurodance" to "Dance Pop" and he is still part of the bigplayers in the music business.

Three fantastic songs: the 27. single "Secrets Of Love", the wellmade cover of "Games People Play" and also the beautiful ballad "Feels Like Heaven". All together 20 songs diversified compiled and not in chronical order. DJ BoBo invited all his fans for a free 1st of august concert in Engelberg/Switzerland saying "thank you for the loyalty of all these years" (tickets were embodied in every "Greatest Hits"-CD). For this show a Open Air center-stage was built in the form of a swiss cross in the middle of the mountains. All of the 10’000 people in the audience were asked to attend to this concert in a red top, so there was a «gigantic, never seen before » stage setting. This show was the largest event in Engelberg ever.

About DJ BoBo.
In 2006 Kayley is born! Nancy & René Baumann proudly announce the birth of their daughter Kayley-Nancy born on friday 29 of september, 2006 at 6.38 pm! 49cm / 3.2 kilo.

In October 2006 DJ BoBo joined the World Food Program of the United Nations (WFP) being a national ambassador fighting hunger in the world. DJ BoBo is the first swiss celebrity joining WFP.

Different stars of other nations such as the brasilian footballplayer Ronaldinho, the female singer Cesaria Evora from the Cape Verde Islands and the Kenian marathon -worldrecord holder Paul Tergat are also supporting the activities of WFP.

DJ BoBo will use his high profile to fight against hunger and to sensitize the public opinion in this issue especially the fight against hunger of the kids in this world. WFP is the world`s largest food aid agency. Every year WFP is reaching about 100 million people, therefrom about 60 million children, in more then 80 countrys.

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