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Gunter Dueck was born in 1951 and lives with his wife Monika in Waldhilsbach near Heidelberg, Germany. Anne (30) and Johannes (27) are currently doing PhDs in biochemistry and mathematics respectively.

Gunter Dueck studied mathematics and business economics between 1971 and 1975 and received a doctorate in mathematics in 1977 from the University of Bielefeld.

He conducted 10 years of research with his thesis advisor Rudolf Ahlswede, with whom he was recognized in 1990 with the Prize Paper Award of the IEEE Information Theory Society for a new theory on message identification. After his 1981 post-doctoral qualification, he spent five years as a professor for mathematics at Bielefeld University before moving to the IBM Scientific Center in Heidelberg in 1987, where he founded a large study group dedicated to solving the challenges of industrial optimization. He also played a key role in launching the Data Warehouse Services division at IBM Germany.

He also worked on IBM’s strategic and technological alignment and cultural change. In 2009–2010, Dueck was instrumental in building a new strategic growth field at the IBM Corporation, aimed at the growing industrialization of IT infrastructure through so-called cloud computing. He was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at IBM Germany until August 2011. Since embracing active retirement on account of turning 60, he now works as a freelance writer, business angel and speaker with an enduring and tireless dedication to improving the world. He is currently working on the expansion of a "Wiki of Music" – a platform modelled on Wikipedia that aims to make all music scores in the world accessible to the general public.

Gunter Dueck was an IBM Distinguished Engineer and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, as well as a longstanding member of the boards of the German Informatics Society and the German Mathematicians’ Association. He is a fellow of the US Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE and the German Informatics Society and a corresponding member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences.


Gunter Dueck has published satirical-philosophical books on life, people and managers: E-Man (2nd edition 2002); Die Beta-Inside Galaxie and Wild Duck (3rd edition 2003). His personal philosophy appeared in three volumes: Omnisophie: Über richtige, wahre und natürliche Menschen (2nd edition 2004); Supramanie: Vom Pflichtmenschen zum Score-Man (2003) and Topothesie: Der Mensch in artgerechter Haltung (2004). The German publishing company Springer-Verlag publishes his works in a dedicated rubric named "Dueck’s World".

Bloodlessness and brainlessness were the focus of his work in 2006: in his first novel Ankhaba, vampires discover the meaning of life. The book Lean Brain Management – Success and more Efficiency by Zero Intelligence employs a satirical and sarcastic approach to warn against an economic horror scenario of the stultification of society and the "call center-ization" of work. In 2008, Abschied vom Homo Oeconomicus – a book about the sheer inevitability of irrationality in economics – was published by Eichborn, followed in July 2009 by Direkt-Karriere: Der schnellste Weg nach ganz oben, a satirical manual on the art of launching a meteoric career. Aufbrechen!

Warum wir eine Exzellenzgesellschaft werden müssen describes the future strategy needed in order to access new spheres of work in light of the automation of many services. But what can the individual do? The answer to this can be found in his current work on professional intelligence Professionelle Intelligenz – worauf es morgen ankommt. Das Neue und seine Feinde (The New and its Enemies) deals with the often-underestimated challenges facing innovation. The recently published (2/2015) Schwarmdumm was an Amazon-top-100 book for 10 days in its release month.

Awards for writing among others:
•2006: Lean Brain Management was named "Management Book of 2006" by Financial Times Germany and getAbstract.
•2008: Abschied vom Homo Oeconomicus was one of 10 nominees for the 2008 Best German Economics Book award.
•2011: "Computerwoche" magazine counts Gunter Dueck among the 100 most influential people (ranking 57th) in the German ITC environment.
•2011: Gunter Dueck is one of six nominees for the 2011 Best of Social Media Award in the category "Most Influential Social Media Person".
•2011: Professionelle Intelligenz ranks third in the "2011 Books of the Year" on the changeX portal.
•2011: The biggest Internet reader poll "Reader award – Best Books of 2011" ranks Professionelle Intelligenz in 11th place in the non-fiction category (lovelybooks.de). 
•2012: "Dueck for President" – appeal by Germany’s Piratenpartei (Pirate Party)
•2013: Voted fifth in the "NEXT100" (100 most influential brains in the European digital industry).
•2013: Das Neue und seine Feinde (The New and its Enemies) is one of 10 books nominated for the 2013 German Economics Book Award.
• 2013: Das Neue und seine Feinde is "Career Book of the Year" at the newspaper "Hamburger Abendblatt".
• 2013: Das Neue und seine Feinde reaches eighth place on the changeX "Books of the Year" ranking. 
•2014: The podcast Die Welt fragt – Dueck antwortet (The world asks – Dueck answers), together with Robert Kindermann, ranks second in the "Best Podcasts 2014".
•2015: Schwarmdumm is published in February and immediately climbs to 12th place on the "Managermagazin" bestseller list.

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