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The Power of Innovation
René Gut - The Power of Innovation!

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René Gut - The Power of Innovation

From 1990 until 2002, René Gut was was working as a marketing director and general manager for DIAGEO SA in London and made it possible to increase the profit by 600%. When launching Smirnoff Ice, they sold 800 million bottles all over Europe. Additionally René was part of the successful launches of brands like Baileys and Captain Morgan.

Between 2003 and 2015, René became the CEO and later on the owner of the DIWISA SA. He was able to create a tenfold increase of profit, so they became market leader. 97% of this growth was realized by innovations. Thus they created additional sales of CHF 300 Mio. only by innovations!

Sales figures for Jägermeister were raising up 20-times during the last 12 years, thanks to a special "René Gut marketing concept".

In 2002, René and his company launched the brand TROJKA Vodka, nationally and internationally, which is distributed in 42 countries world wide today. It is the bestselling spirit in Switzerland and is the leader of exporting spirits out of Switzerland.

In 2003 a Swiss Premium Vodka Xellent was created. For this bottle, they won all quality and design awards which were out there. Today, they can look at a 35-countries list in which Xellent is sold as one of the most expensive vodkas.

In 2004 they launched the Grappa Brand Paesanella and it has become the most successful Grappa in Switzerland.

In 2005, René Gut invented the Prosecco Goccia d’Oro and extended the traditional Prosecco Line with a refreshing apéro drink "Hugo". He is proud to see that this brand as well, was able to reach up to the top of all Proseccos sold in Switzerland.

In 2006, they introduced a world revolutionizing shot-system, called Splitz. This is a shot with 2 separate parts, which you drink together and it turned out to be the start of a new "shot culture".

In 2007, René and his team invented TROJKA Energy and a wellness drink called BodyStyle. With those two products they earned CHF 52’000’000.

In 2008, TROJKA Green was introduced to the market: it has been the most successfull start of a spirit for the last 50 years.

In 2010, he created the Original Willisauer Liqueurs. Together with the traditional Original Willisauer they had sales of CHF 48’000’000.

In 2012, René Gut started the ambassador marketing and QDVPPP System.

In 2013, he invented TROJKA Devil and Freak. With those two products they found a completely new side of the brand. After 18 days, they already reached the break even point.

In 2014, René Gut and his team launched several wellness drinks and a brandnew anti-hangover drink.

In 2015, René Gut started his own company Crazy Different GmbH, created the referral marketing and gave various speeches and workshops all over Europe.