Walter Kohl

Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach
Walter Kohl: Power or impotence - What does power do to me?

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Walter Kohl is an entrepreneur, best-selling writer, speaker and specialist coach dealing with issues relating to professional and personal challenges, personal development and entrepreneurial team building.

His topics:
Power or impotence – what does power do to me?
•    What makes power into power? 
•    When does power become impotence? 
•    What does power do to me?
•    Power addict or poised and competent – it’s your choice!

Shaping change – turning power guzzlers into power sources.
•    How you can learn to accept change as a fact, obtain inner clarity and access new opportunities for action 
•    How to identify new sources of power 
•    How to recognize and dissolve existing blockages and transform old power guzzlers into new power sources 
•    How to use this new potential to open up new perspectives and actively implement them
•    How to use your new power for successful team building

Born in 1963, Kohl studied economics and history at Harvard and went on to graduate as an economist at the University of Vienna and obtain an MBA at INSEAD. After more than 10 years in management positions at large corporations, he has since 2004 headed, together with his wife, a German-Korean automotive supplier.

Walter Kohl advises and assists managers and entrepreneurs in matters relating to professional and personal success and lifestyle planning. As a sparring partner, author and speaker, he helps people develop and access new inner power sources in order to attain happiness and success through increased self-confidence.

Accepting old burdens and blockages, finding reconciliation with them and transforming them into new sources of power. Is this possible? Yes, says Walter Kohl, who is speaking from own experience and knows what it is like when life seems to turn against you. He has gathered a myriad of new experiences and insights along the road to his new life – knowledge he would like to share with others to support them on their personal path to more resilience, assertiveness, harmony and vitality.

Assertiveness, perseverance and purpose are key qualifications for both personal and corporate success – particularly in today’s performance and competiveness-dominated world.

Walter Kohl is convinced:
People who possess self-confidence go on to become builders of successful companies and happy families. 
If we wish to grow with our challenges, we need to learn how to tackle them in a solution-oriented manner, without hiding behind ‘others’ or ‘external circumstances’. We have to face up to reality honestly and bluntly, which alone is often a major challenge for our ego. It is possible to make peace with what cannot be changed and transform setbacks into sources of power, Walter Kohl says.

At his events, he draws from his own experience and illustrates tried-and-tested methods that eschew superficial claims and encroachments. The goal is to live better and not let life live you, in keeping with his motto: 

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