Renée Moore

Expert in Business- & Life-Building-Strategies
Business is a Boy’s Club. How to Get to the Top Wearing High Heels.

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Dr. René Moore - The Top Female Keynote Speaker for Business- And Life-Building Strategies

Born in Texas, Renée More holds a doctorate degree in neuroscience and created her own multimillion-Euro companies in Europe, Asia and Latin America, by the age of 40 – all from her office in Deidesheim, Germany. The Huffington Post named her as a New Global Leader, and she has served on the executive team of more than 100 growing international businesses. She knows the world of business, with all its facettes.

Keynotes for Business Leadership
- Go Big or Go Home.
- Success Isn’t for "Wimps"!
- Business is a Boy’s Club. How to Get to the Top Wearing High Heels.

Keynotes for Entrepreneurship & Business Growth
- From Zero to Hero.
- Your Fast Track to a Successful

Keynotes for International Business.
- The Art of Closing the Deal.
- The Secret System behind Today´s
- Top Sales Success.

Keynotes for Development of Future Leaders
- Be Unstoppable!
- Successful Employer Branding. Top Strategies to Attract, Motivate and Retain a Talented Team.

TAKE AWAYS - The best available and most effective strategies to grow your business.

Real tools to:
•    define your next steps to the top;
•    build an expert mindset;
•    learn how to reach and retain clients; and
•    implement the marketing activities that match your business needs.

"I inspire people to take action!"

Renée has been a professional speaker for more than 12 years and has delivered keynotes in Australia, Taiwan, Japan, China, India, throughout many countries in Europe, the USA and Latin America.

Utilizing her own successful business experience, she inspires audiences around the world with the most cutting-edge business- and life-building strategies, authentic and effective sales approaches, and successful employer branding. Everything that is a hot topic in top management.

Her keynotes inspire progressive international companies, executives, and business owners around the world to take on the responsibility of stepping in at the highest level to create success in their businesses and in their private lives.

Renée always pushes the limits to get success at the very highest levels!

"A life in my comfort zone would never have brought me to where I am today! If I can do it, then I can show you how to do it, too!"

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