German Ramirez

Expert in Strategy, Marketing & Digital Transformation
The Customer is no longer the King, the Customer is now Mr. President!

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German Ramirez is a recognized subject matter expert in the digital and social media arena. A digital pioneer, he launched his first successful eCommerce project back in 1996.

The customer is no longer the King. The customer is now Mr. President.

Digital Transformation in Marketing & Sales. There is a new type of customer out there. Companies and brands need to accept it, understand it, and finally transform their go-to market strategies to succeed in gaining customers’ business and loyalty in the digital age.

•    Understand the true digital driven paradigm shift: WHY digital & social media are transforming our businesses 
•    What are the key digital trends driving transformation in marketing, branding and communication
•    Why organizations fail to deliver successful customer experiences
•    Why the current approach to marketing your brand will fail
•    Building brands in the digital age
•    What companies and brands have to do to be successful today
•    How to develop a winning digital and social media strategy

To get on board with digital, you need digital in your Board!

Digital transformation at a holistic strategic level. The future of successful organizations comes from understanding how the digital revolution is affecting the business and how to adapt the full organization to embrace the change. Digital transformation should be one of the highest strategic topics on every Board’s agenda. It is not about being customer-centric; it is about becoming customer driven.

•    What are the key digital trends driving transformation into organizations
•    Your entire business is at risk, and your biggest competitor is probably not who you think it is!
•    Digital is probably the single most important strategic element of change and progress along ALL your business lines and affects ALL your stakeholders
•    Why organizations fail to deliver successful customer experiences
•    How to structure your company for a successful future
•    An essential mistake most organizations still make: To get on board with digital, you need digital in your Board
•    Becoming customer driven, vs. customer centric: Understand your customers and have them help you drive your company to success

Digital transformation in HR: What is wrong with your Burger?

Digital transformation in HR. The paradigm of employment has changed for good. Employer branding is essential, and it is not a communication program. It has to be brought into the organization and lived by all. Hiring and retaining the right talent is not a matter of hard skills and old processes, it is about soft skills and inclusive recruiting.

•    What are the key digital trends driving transformation in HR
•    Who owns your company? Your employees as shareholders
•    Employer branding 2.0
•    Companies hire the best talent they can get and retain the talent they deserve
•    How the future of work will look like
•    What to focus on when building your future teams
•    How to build the right HR strategy for the digital age: Attract, hire, engage and retain

Welcome to the supermarket of people: We are all products on sale in permanent display

Digital transformation in the job market. Today, whether you have a job or not, you are a candidate. The future of employment does not lie in indefinite employment contracts. That model will die. It is therefore essential to define, establish, build an grow your personal Brand

•    What has changed in the way companies and employees relate to one other
•    What are the key digital trends driving transformation into our work lives
•    Employer branding 2.0
•    How the future of work will look like
•    How to grow your chances of success
•    Defining your personal brand
•    How to define your personal brand in four steps: Establish, connect, engage and track

He has been involved in the rise and fall of the new economy and has launched some of the earliest and most innovative mobile and social media projects worldwide. He has a successful international entrepreneurial track record and has driven innovation and change at some of the largest companies worldwide.

German Ramirez is the Founder and Managing Partner of SPARK & STRATEGY, a management consulting company that provides high impact and ROI through digital marketing and social media strategic consulting and coaching services. The company operates globally across industries from FMCG to Financial Services, for Start-Ups to Fortune 500 companies such as Credit Suisse, Swiss Life and BMW Group.

German Ramirez is a published book author and seasoned lector and speaker. He has addressed leading universities and international conferences on topics including digital and social media, marketing strategies, branding, entrepreneurship, online marketing and innovation. A dedicated, visionary and inspirational thought leader, he is a guest lecturer at the University of St. Gallen, Lorange Institute of Business, ETH Zurich (Switzerland) and La Salle University (Spain).

Author of the marketing textbook "Successful Marketing Strategies", published by Management Circle Verlag (DE) as part of its "Marketing Compact Course" series (4th Edition).

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