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Business Ethics: Inspiring & Entertaining
Business Ethics: Still cheating or ready for a career?

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Business Ethics: Inspiring and Entertaining

Former investment banker Nicole Schillinger shows how responsible entrepreneurship boosts the reputation and value of any company. After 15 years of experience in a "rogue industry" she knows: responsible behaviour is the number one career booster.

Speechtopic 1 for entrepreneurs and executives:
Hands off toxic employees! Why reputation is only a nice-to-have and the earth is flat.

Speechtopic 2 for everyone:
Still cheating or ready for career?

Nicole speaks from her own experience without finger-wagging. Interest and exchange rate manipulations, client entertainment in dubious establishments, and deals, from which only the bank benefits: without question, unethical behaviour may increase short term profit and bonuses. In the long run however, the destruction of a firm’s most valuable asset, its reputation, and the subsequent decline in its value will more than outweigh the benefits. Full of surprises and truly entertaining, Nicole Schillinger introduces the key ethical success factors for the 21st century.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. (Warren Buffett)

Nicole completed her studies in business administration at the age of only 23 and since then has been working in the Capital Markets Division of several leading investment banks. At the beginning of her career, she analysed German engineering and utilities, which included visiting nuclear power plants and riding the Leopard II tank. Later Nicole advised institutional investors on their portfolio structure and equity exposure, accompanied several IPOs, especially in the field of sustainability. Some of those former IPO candidates do no longer exist: liquidity squeezes, fraudulent accounting and other scandals, eroding business models or devastating competition from Asia haven broken their necks.

While doing her Executive MBA at TRIUM in London, New York, Paris, Mumbai and Shanghai, Nicole discovered her passion for all matters surrounding Business Ethics and reputational risk. The exciting and ambiguous case studies captivated her from the very beginning.

In her keynotes, speeches and seminars, Nicole addresses key ethical, reputational and CSR related subjects. She also holds the Master class in business ethics at ISM, one of the leading private business schools in Munich.

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