Oliver Schumacher

Sales- and Marketing-Expert
No more half measures in Sales

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"Honesty sells" and "No more half measures in Sales"

Oliver Schumacher stands for honesty in sales. The five-time author works exclusively with sales departments that are fully committed to delivering the promised client-oriented targets agreed before the contract was signed.

The mission of this speech scientist (MA) and business economist (FH) is to ensure that selling as a professional activity finally gains more recognition and higher social status throughout the German-speaking countries. In his mid-forties, Schumacher has a proven, above-average track record in the sales team of a leading brand in the B2B sector and is fluent in the language of sales.

His approachability and willingness to speak openly about fears and inhibitions in the day-to-day world of sales is punctuated with examples of his own experiences, which illustrate why sellers sometimes trip themselves up. His passion for the subject makes for unique and memorable lectures.

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