Roman F. Szeliga

Doctur, Entrepreneur, Author
Ambassdaor of Hunor
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Roman F. Szeliga: Ambassador of Humor

The charismatic communication professional for lectures, seminars and moderations

Roman F. Szeliga is doctor of medicine, manager, emcee, trainer, speaker and author. The quintessence of all his endeavors is humor, a social skill that can motivate, inspire and guide human beings.

His medical and psychological background, his talent as a comedian onstage as well as many years of experience as moderator and manager, made him one of business world’s most sought-after communication professionals within just a few years.
As co-founder of the CliniClowns, internist Roman F. Szeliga found out about the great potential of humor as a therapy option already in the nineties. For some years now he has been successfully applying his know-how in business as well. His stage performance is inspiring, moving and motivating.

A gifted magician with words, Roman Szeliga is not only truly entertaining but also knows how to generate lasting information transfer. By doing so he surprises audiences with creative examples, witty ideas and manifold impulses.

Roman Szeliga is a charismatic personality on and off the stage. He not only walks the talk, his messages hit home and stirs emotions as well. He is THE enthusiastic testimonial for more joy, easiness and wellbeing both in one’s job and private life. And he is convinced that "Humor is the best complementation for competence. Humor is not only an accomplishment of the mind, but it is also a way of life!"

His interactive, entertaining lectures have been attended by more than 50,000 people so far; among his clients are some 280 renowned companies. For good reason Roman Szeliga ranks among the top speakers in the German-speaking countries. In 2013 he was decorated with the Top Speaker of the Year Award by the renowned TRAiNiNG magazine.

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